Business Branding and Marketing

Creating T-shirts, hats or other products to promote your business, team or family is easy to do. Regardless of the type of product you want, the steps below make it easy for you to get your order the way you want it to look.

Step One: Let’s talk

You have an idea and budget of what you want and we have the team to help you put it all together, ranging from hats, shirts, embroidery, engraved surfaces, promotional marketing materials or signs and banners. Our creative team will listen closely to what you want to create and will offer suggestions to help you achieve it. You can visit with us in person or give us a call.

Step Two: Deposit

When you are satisfied with the concept of your order, we will create an invoice and ask for 50% down. It’s not unlike ordering a pizza over the phone, you have to pay before you get the pie! You can pay in person or over the phone.

Step Three: Design

Taking your thoughts and wishes and putting them to the design test is what we are best at. Let us make your dream come true. We get much of the detail from the initial conversation, but we may have some follow up discussion to make sure we get the results you want. Artwork takes time and talent, so it may take a few days to get your design just right.

Step Four: Design Approval

We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the artwork design before we apply it to your hat, shirt, banner or any other product. We can send you a digital mockup of your design which will require your approval before we start to print, or you can come visit our shop and see it in person. This is a must-have step – all orders need to be approved by our clients before we start.

Step Five: And they are off!

Once you have approved of the design, our team will make your order come to life! Your order has been hand carried to the team that will be producing it, ensuring that the right product, color and special requests are handled carefully.

Step Six: Quality, quality and quality

Your order will be inspected for quality, making sure that the sizes, colors and quantities are correct. If there is a boo-boo, we fix it before you pick it up. It’s what you expect and we expect that of us too.

Step Seven: Delivery

You can either come to our shop and pick up your order or we can deliver it to you within a reasonable distance. In some instances, we can mail your order to you. The final invoice will need to be paid when the order gets to your hands, so please have cash, a check or credit card ready.

Step Eight: Enjoy!